More Ways to Help


Every mentor is part of the Gordon Parks family.  As such, the mentor serves an important role within the family.  Here is our vision to be a mentor at Gordon Parks Elementary School:

  • You are a teacher! You can serve in this role by leading by example and assisting the teachers in the classroom.

  • You are a role model! You will model what great behavior looks like by exemplifying that great behavior for them to emulate.

  • You are a listener! You will serve as someone the student can talk to without offering judgement or evaluation.

  • You are a protector! You can help provide a safe environment at school where the student can make mistakes and grow in confidence.

  • You are a communicator! You can serve as someone who can assist with communication skills and appropriate communication to and from the student and with the teacher(s).

If you are interested in being a mentor and part of our school family for a student at Gordon Parks Elementary School, e-mail Abbie Plummer or call at 816.753.6700.

Be a Community Partner

Building community partnerships is fundamental in our mission. We aspire to lift our children out of generational poverty through the power of education. We want to empower our students, their families, as well as the public and we recognize that we cannot do this alone. In order for our students to be successful, we must continue to strengthen the foundation upon which our mission rests – and that foundation is forged through community partnerships.

We include families, neighbors, local organizations, corporations, foundations, churches and other non-profit organizations serving children in our partnerships. We are actively cultivating relationships with organizations and individuals who support our mission. 

If you would like to discuss the opportunities available for community partnerships, please email Abbie Plummer or call at 816.753.6700.


Volunteers serve a vital role in helping our students succeed! 

At Gordon Parks Elementary School, our volunteers help in a variety of ways and everyone's talent is welcome!

Ways to Volunteer:

You may also have other ideas or a new project you'd like to bring to Gordon Parks Elementary School.  All ideas are welcome!

All volunteers are asked to complete a Volunteer Application and a Waiver Form.  Email Abbie Plummer, to get an application and a waiver form.

Before volunteering, you must have these forms filled out!